Flowers for friends and family
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Flowers for friends and family

There's a reason why you will be the only one dressed in white, why everyone who lines the church aisle will give you their undivided attention and why friends and family young and old travel far and wide to see you and give their congratulations - It's your day! This doesn't mean you can't give back to the guests throughout the wedding reception.

The bridesmaids and the one lucky gal who catches the bouquet don't have to be the only guests who get flowers - let everyone have some petals to go home with by taking advantage of the following:
•  Glue or tape the name tags of your guests on their own flower top favor box and place them at their respective seats. Stuff the boxes with candies or petals. Potpourri is another good filling - it will last longer and every time your guests smell it they will think of your special day.
•  Encourage party attendees to take home centerpieces. Colorful arrangements of flowers in glass vases that match your wedding's color scheme will let people bring some color and beauty back home after the event is over.
•  Add some decoration to your food. While some guests might be picky about what they eat, no one will argue if the food was pleasing to look at. Some edible flowers include lavender, thyme, daylily and okra. For dessert, satiate your guests' sweet side with a custom printed round wedding cookie adorned with flowers.

If you have trouble deciding what flowers to give your guests, going seasonal is a reliable option. Spring weddings could include forsythias, tulips and lilies, while cocksombs, dahlias and hydrangeas are best in the summer.



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