Food for the fickle - how to pick the right grub for a baby shower
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JOLLY2

Food for the fickle - how to pick the right grub for a baby shower

Planning a baby shower? One of the most important elements of any successful party is a large selection of tasty food and beverages, and a shower is no exception. Although the menu selected may vary based on the party theme, there are a few universal rules that should be followed when celebrating any mom-to-be.

Rule #1 - It doesn't matter how cute it is if it doesn't taste good.

It's easy to get carried away when planning a baby shower, especially considering how many adorable prepackaged baby-shaped foods are on the market. Still, serving food sold at novelty stores can be a risky decision.

Hamburgers, hotdogs, finger sandwiches and assorted meats and cheeses usually go over well with any crowd and look as cute as a button when complemented by personalized pattern baby shower napkins. If cooking for the shower seems like too daunting a task, a pot-luck style event could be the best route as it ensures that each guest will like at least one dish!

Rule #2 - It's all about the mom-to-be.

Serving salmon to an expecting mom who can't stand the smell of fish is an easy way to end shower fun for the guest of honor - so it's important to discuss the menu beforehand. Calling the baby's father to find out what foods he's running out late at night to buy (and what he's banned from bringing home) is an easy way to get detailed ideas about what will work. It will also save party planners from ruining the surprise of a secret shower.

Serving a variety of drinks like juices, sodas, and "mock-tails" (alcohol-free cocktails) throughout the party ensures that the mom-to-be won't feel left out - and martini glasses filled with cocktail flavored jelly beans (Bellini anyone?) are an adorable alternative to bar beverages.

Rule #3 - Smaller is sometimes better.

A baby shower is an opportunity for women who are close to the expecting mother to get together, catch up and exchange advice, so a formal sit-down lunch or dinner will likely ruin the flow of the event. Instead, hosts should serve bite sized finger foods that can be placed on trays with toothpicks and enjoyed throughout the party.

Rule #4 - You can never have too many sweets.

Desserts are typically the main attraction at a baby shower (don't tell the mom-to-be!) and can be customized to the specific shower theme or for the sex of the baby. Since everyone at the party is sure to have a sweet tooth, hosts should plan on serving a baby-friendly shower cake or stylish cupcakes with patterned cupcake wrappers as well as an arrangement of chocolate or fruity treats. Stocking a candy bar with items like personalized baby shower candy jars and assorted store-bought candies is also a great way to keep party-goers smiling. 

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