Get creative with party favor packaging
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

Get creative with party favor packaging

So you found the the most cutting-edge, customized, personalized and package-sized party favors. Don't stop there - presentation is key when it comes to these small gifts, and the effect won't be lost on your guests.

Your main decision may be whether to box it or bag it, and both types of packaging can work wonders depending on the type of favor in question. For single items or a collection of fragile trinkets, boxes will provide a sturdy base to keep the favors from bouncing around. However, packaging candy or a few lightweight favors together in a bag may ultimately be a lovelier presentation.

The variety at your fingertips is extensive, and you can choose from personalized party goodie bags made of colored paper, ivory linen favor bags, sheer organza bags or even natural cotton party favor bags. Bags can either be folded over and stapled shut, tied tight with a drawstring or remain open like a tote.

Favor boxes can be big or small and come in either square or rectangular shapes. Choose from embossed favor boxes, flower-topped favor boxes, clear favor boxes or Chinese takeout boxes, all of which can be tied together with a big festive bow.


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