Ghouls gone wild: how to plan an unforgettable Halloween party
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Ghouls gone wild: how to plan an unforgettable Halloween party

Fall is here, which means it's time to plan a howling Halloween party. You may be asking yourself a bundle of questions right now. What candy should I offer? What decorations should I put out? What should the theme of the party be? First and foremost, send out your invitations with a time and date before your good friends make other plans. You'll certainly have yourself a memorable and fun Halloween if you properly coordinate and supply the party.

This year, Halloween falls on a Monday, so it's probably best to host your party on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday leading up to it. Any one of those days is ideal. You may want to personally contact your closest guests and find out what the best date is for them, and schedule the shindig accordingly.

With a Halloween party theme you can decorate a number of ways. You can turn your place into a haunted house. You could suggest everyone wears Disney or superhero-related outfits. Or you could simply let the guests do as they may and wear any outfit they want.

In a Halloween-themed party, candy and aura are integral, but people may be bored of the same old chocolate and candy bars and out there, so consider throwing in a curveball at them and offer personalized holiday cookies or Halloween dipped fortune cookies.

You should enthrall your guests with a great first impression. Give them a feel for that Halloween spirit and knock their socks off with plastic pumpkin luminaries. Eerily and creatively illuminate the walkway or stairway leading up to your entrance and your party attendees are bound to talk about your spooky affair well throughout the winter.

When your guests come inside to your cob-webbed and ghoul-ridden hallways, offer them personalized party goodie bags, then kick back and enjoy the haunting company.



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