Give your child the sweetest birthday with an ice cream party
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: LUSH2

Give your child the sweetest birthday with an ice cream party

Is there anything better than an ice cream party when you're a kid? The prospect of unlimited scoops in a vast multitude of flavors is endlessly appealing to little minds. If you've been trying to think of a theme for your little one's next birthday, an ice cream bash could be right up your alley. It's fairly easy to plan and you'll be treated to smiling faces for hours. Here are some planning tips to help ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

As far as decorations go, hang up round paper lanterns throughout your home - they'll cast a lovely festive glow in the space. Naturally, you shouldn't exclusively serve ice cream, so make sure to pick up cake and pizza as well! While you're at it, you can place ice cream cone candles on top. Since the kids are likely to get a bit messy, you'll want to hand out ice cream towel favors as the kids walk in as well.

Make sure you pick up several flavors and toppings! Your fellow adults will likely be more than willing to help you out, so designate a couple scoopers. It'll save you a lot of trouble. Otherwise, let the kids go nuts! Gummy bears, chocolate sprinkles, hot fudge and whipped cream should be in abundance.

As the kids leave, why not hand out ice cream scoops in gift boxes? It's a great way to ensure they remember the party for years to come, and the little ones will each have scoops to call their own.


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