Green kids' birthday parties provide valuable lessons

Green kids' birthday parties provide valuable lessons

More weddings, baby showers and bridal showers are going green, so why stop there? Throwing your kid a green birthday party is not only a good move on your part, but it'll help teach them valuable lifelong lessons on the importance of caring for the planet.

Beyond coordinating an outdoorsy theme for your party, you can teach your child the basics of green party planning. Invitations? Show them why it's more fun (and eco-friendly) to send out e-vites. Fun paper plates? Skip those in favor of some nice reusable dishes.

Kids will have the most fun putting together Earth-friendly goody bags. Use pretty, recycled materials and twine to wrap them up, and do be sure that your birthday party favors are equally conscientious.

Gifts that are reusable and sustainable are better options than toys that kids will play with once and throw away. Everyone can enjoy edible sweets and treats, and items such as a t-shirts or colorful tote bags can last well beyond the aftermath of your party. If you're really sending the message home, hand out plantable seed favor packets and mini flower pots - kids love watching flowers grow.


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