Have your wedding cake and eat it too!
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

Have your wedding cake and eat it too!

During the wedding planning process, brides-to-be often focus on the wedding decorations, the venue and the main course, leaving the wedding cake to the last minute.

But just because the sweet confection is showcased at the end of the big day doesn't mean it should be last on your list.

Because the cake comes after the meal, it should serve as a finale to your event that complements your wedding decorations and wedding favors to create a cohesive theme. Luckily, wedding cakes are now more customizable than ever.

Those who prefer formal and classic decor can opt for a more traditional look, such as white butter cream frosting on a three-tiered cake.

Brides who have taken a playful approach to their wedding days might consider more modern styles that feature unexpected shapes or whimsical adornments.

Fondant frosting is perfect for creating novelty cakes, but consult with a baker who's willing to think outside the box. This season, wedding cake trends include cakes outfitted with ribbons, buttons, and even fruit!


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