Having a Parisian wedding on this side of the pond

Having a Parisian wedding on this side of the pond

A destination wedding in the City of Love may be out of the question at this point, but you can bring the best of this classic romantic hotspot to your event with just a few decorative twists.

To start, hosting your ceremony at a Gothic cathedral or on an arched stone bridge may evoke the old-world charm of Paris in an accessible location, and will lend itself to any embellishments you had planned.

You can go to town with your wedding cake, too - it won't be too hard to find an Eiffel Tower cake topper, or to shape your dessert into a Louvre-inspired pyramid. Serve guests baguettes with brie cheese as an hors d'oeuvre for added effect.

Paris is also known as the City of Light, so make sure to litter your reception space with lots of dainty candles.

Offering guests brocade favor boxes with mini martini glasses or a personalized wine gift set will send the message home when it comes to the joie de vivre of our French friends.


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