Hold a candle to your upcoming baby shower

Hold a candle to your upcoming baby shower

Babies eventually outgrow onesies, but the soft glow of peaceful candles in the nursery will never grow old.

Baby shower attendees pressed for a gift can opt for a nice collection of scented candles, which the party host can light right then and there.

Candles come in many varieties, scents and shapes, and finding the appropriate wax delight can be as personal of a process as selecting baby diapers and hats.

Baby bottle votive candles would be extra cute event decorations and would be a pleasing reminder of their impending arrival. Baby shower beehive candles make a delightful ornament as well, especially if they complement other bee-themed items in baby's bedroom.

For candles by the pound, bring round or heart-shaped tea lights into the mix - they'll look graceful scattered on tabletops and are effortless to maintain and replace.


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