Host a table for tea at your bridal party
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Host a table for tea at your bridal party

Are you and your husband-to-be planning to tie the knot soon? Although many women choose to have their maids of honor throw the traditional bridal party before the big event, this is not always the case. If your family members and friends have been extremely helpful throughout the planning of your special day, you might want to use a bridal bash as an opportunity to give thanks to those closest to you! Hosting a day of tea for the women in your life is an easy and fun way to gather together before the big day.

Choosing a color scheme for your event can make the planning process easier - popular color palettes include pink and white, orange and yellow or mint green and rose. Cover each table with lavish cloths in the primary colors you are using, and set mini teapot favors and a chic mug in front of every spot around the table. Then, lay out place settings for each lady attending, making sure to leave enough room on the tables to set down treats and sweets.

Serve a delightful blend of flavors in gourmet tea tins, including a personalized bridal tea with white tea, rosebud, vanilla and lemon flavorings. Finger foods make an excellent treat during these events, so make a variety of your favorite sandwiches and cut them into small ladylike portions. For dessert, offer up a large table of treats like monogrammed petit fours, personalized designer cookies and stacked wedding cookies cakes.

Thank your guests for all that they have done by letting them know how much they mean to you. Send ladies home with mini teapot tea infusers so they can think of you every time they enjoy a relaxing cup of the herbal beverage.



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