Hosting a potluck bridal shower
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

Hosting a potluck bridal shower

Just because the bridal shower planning process is usually consigned to one or two dedicated friends doesn't mean that you can't see what everyone else can bring to the table. Hosting a potluck bridal shower can be both a spirited and community-oriented take on the classic theme, and you'll find that you'll all have so much more in common as a result.

To start, you'll want to send out bridal shower invitations with a special note to guests designating the theme. Have a sign-up sheet ready and ask your friends to RSVP with their dish of choice to make sure you've got a rich and varied spread.

The major bonus here is that the catering step is mostly taken care of, but don't skimp on decor and set-up. Have several tables covered in elegant tablecloths and table centerpieces (fresh flower bouquets, vintage heirloom pieces and fruit displays are great options to spruce up your spread).

If you're going to go all the way with this idea, don't let the feasting start and end with the food. Have your bridal shower trivia games be themed around various recipes and kitchen secrets. At the end, send guests home with gourmet cupcake mixes, mini pizza cutter favors and other tasty bridal shower favors.


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