How about a scavenger hunt for your child's birthday party?

How about a scavenger hunt for your child's birthday party?

If you've been looking for a unique way to give your little one's birthday a special flair, how about a rousing scavenger hunt, Amazing Race style? Sure, you probably won't be able to provide airplane tickets to the farthest reaches of the world, but you can easily have a great time in your backyard! Be sure to invite plenty of kids over if you're planning on throwing this party - you don't want to end up with too few numbers to pull it off.

Before the party, head to a thrift store or party supply shop and pick up pairs of bandanas in multiple colors. As kids pair off, allow them to choose which hue they'd like to wear. Putting together the rest of the party should be easy - simply write down clues on where the kids should go and place them throughout your property. You can hand out special prizes at each stop as well, like mini classic gumball machines and personalized birthday lollipops.

The grand prize? First dibs on cake and ice cream! Make sure everyone receives the same accolades for finishing, though. You don't want kids leaving upset because they lost! Personalized Hershey's kisses are a great way to ensure that everyone is happy at the end of the competition. Be sure to give the kids plenty of time to catch their breaths and calm down before moving on to the next activity. Something relaxing like a movie could be just what everyone needs to chill out a bit.


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