How to fill up an Easter basket
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

How to fill up an Easter basket

If you haven't dyed any eggs yet, chances are you'll be playing catch-up this weekend, what with Easter Sunday on the horizon. In light of this quintessentially springtime holiday, here are a few decorative and unique ways to fill up an Easter basket.

1. Turn it into a nest. Many Easter baskets are variations on the traditional nest theme, which explains why you see so many filled with grass, whether it be real or of the gift-wrap variety. Stuff your basket with colorful shredded paper and then hide a few brightly colored eggs within - you can even sneak a mini bird's nest in there to create a layered effect.

2. Make it into the perfect bunny hiding ground. Only on Easter do you see bunnies tending a nest of eggs, so you can easily combine both of these iconic symbols and create a small shelter for your chocolate bunnies to hide in. Stick a couple carrots into the stuffing to make it more convincing for the younguns.

3. Find miniature themed holiday favors that relate to springtime - these can have both a functional and a decorative aspect. Love birds salt and pepper shakers can easily be a part of the scenery amid your Easter eggs and can become a cute accessory to any tabletop. Nest tealight candle holders will fit right in as well and can continue to light up the homes of your nearest and dearest.



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