How to host a super sleepover
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

How to host a super sleepover

Hosting a birthday sleepover is a fun way for young teens (aged 9-14) to celebrate an important milestone in their lives and gives older children a safe and secure way to test out newfound independence without leaving the confines of their home. Although planning entertainment, a selection of food and sleeping arrangements for several teens can be intimidating, including the birthday girl in the party planning process and giving her some responsibilities can help to relieve some parental pressure and will ensure that the party is kid-friendly and fun. If you're ready to host an overnighter, here are some tips for throwing a successful birthday bash.

Invitations. Invitations for a sleepover party should be sent out far in advance to give parents an opportunity to prepare for their child's night away. Must-have items like pajamas, a sleeping bag and pillow should be clearly listed, although hosts should plan to have a few extra sets laying around for children who arrive without proper bedding or who forget nighttime clothing. The number of kids invited should depend on the age of the birthday girl, with younger ladies hosting only two or three children and older teens inviting around six to eight girls.

Decorations. Since the main focus of the night will be on fun and games, decorating for a slumber party is easy and inexpensive. Setting up several areas (one for food, one for sleeping and one for games) in the home can help to keep kids from getting bored and move the party along during different times throughout the day. Get arriving guests in the sleepover mood by asking them to set up their sleeping bags and giving them sleepover goodie bags with slumber party necessities like battery LED lights and mini purse shaped manicure sets. Make sure to have plenty of arts and crafts projects, like decorate your own race car kits, if younger siblings will be home during the nighttime event.

Food. Several types of foods should be available throughout the sleepover, with typical menus including pizza for dinner, popcorn and chip snacks throughout the day and a light breakfast of cereal or homemade pancakes in the morning. Make sure to ask parents about any food allergies to avoid a late night trip to the emergency room. Setting up a candy bar with personalized glass mini jars and mini candy dispensers is a fun way to keep kids full during the day - just switch to healthy snacks as the night progresses to avoid a roomful of sugar-high kids.



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