How to incorporate baby shower gifts into your party decor

How to incorporate baby shower gifts into your party decor

So much of a baby shower is centered around gift-giving - why let all the presents take a back seat to the rest of your stunning decor? With just the smallest ounce of creativity, you can find ways to incorporate your presents into the layout of your event space, which truly makes for a gift that keeps on giving.

As guests pile in, have a table set up next to your buffet that will allow you to artfully stack the boxes upon each other. You don't want to jump the gun in terms of opening your baby shower gifts, but you can still arrange them with aplomb until the moment is ripe.

Once it's unwrapping time, have a basic strategy in mind in terms of how you'll display all your new gifts.

Many baby showers feature ready-made diaper cakes, but you can create your own by arranging all the diapers and nappies you receive into the shape of a cake. suggests hanging a clothesline in the middle of your event space to proudly display all the baby clothes you receive. You can even alternate the onesies with rattles and toys, and do be sure to have a reading nook where you can pile up baby's books.


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