How to keep the mom-to-be cozy at her shower
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

How to keep the mom-to-be cozy at her shower

Throwing a baby shower can seem like exhausting work at times. The preparations for such an important event are often overwhelming with numerous venues to consult, details to plan, and invitations to send - but hosts should keep in mind what it is exactly that they are working towards. The goal of a successful shower is to celebrate the guest-of-honor after all, and there is no better reward than seeing the smiling face of a soon-to-be mom who is surrounded by love and attention!

Although the actual day of the shower should be enjoyable for all parties, it's possible that the expectant mom might be feeling tired, unwell or even nervous about the pending due date of her first child. That's why it's important for hosts to anticipate the needs and desires of their special guest before the big day actually happens. Incorporating a few mommy-friendly treats into the celebration can ease tension and help festivities go off without a hitch.

Creating a customized mom-to-be chair is an easy and fun way to ensure that the guest of honor always has a special seat to sit in throughout the shower. Hosts can use inexpensive materials like ribbon and small plastic pacifiers to decorate a designated spot for the expectant mom to sit. This chair should be extremely comfortable, and placed in the center of all of the action planned for the day. Offering a footstool is also a good idea, as many pregnant ladies find that their swollen feet feel better when elevated.

Another easy and effective way to keep mom happy throughout her baby shower is to provide a wide variety of her favorite snacks around the party. Setting up a treats table can be beneficial to all guests, giving them a chance to quell their desire for sweets. Hosts should provide a collection of favorites, like personalized Hershey's kisses, alongside unique offerings, like personalized baby shower truffles.

Personalized elements should be added to the day's events to reflect the actual feelings and condition of the shower's mom-to-be. Hosts that take the time to accommodate the needs and desires of their main guests are already on the way towards creating a truly enjoyable shower for everyone in attendance. It's important for party planners to remember that even the smallest details can make a huge difference on the day of the party! 


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