How to plan the perfect spa baby shower
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

How to plan the perfect spa baby shower

It's safe to say that every baby shower is different. All of these gatherings should celebrate the impending birth of a baby boy or girl, of course, but how you go about setting up the shindig is entirely up to you and the guest of honor.

But what if the mom-to-be just wants to relax? After all, she's probably not going to get a lot of rest once her baby is born, so why not give her the pampering she deserves with a spa baby shower? With some smart planning and the right baby shower decorations and favors, your soiree is bound to go off without a hitch.

While most might think that a spa baby shower means taking your party elsewhere they may want to think again. One of the most popular trends at the moment involves hiring professionals to come to you and provide your nearest and dearest with a day full of relaxation. Everyone in attendance should be welcome to a massage, facial, manicure or whatever type of pampering tickles their fancy.

Of course, this is hardly the only detail you have to consider. You should set the scene for the event with plenty of relaxing baby shower decorations. Candles are essential, so try to add a touch of class to the get-together with some colored floating candles. Not only will the flicker of the flame create a soothing ambiance, but the holders will add a unique touch. You may also want to arrange some beautiful flowers in a number of contemporary square glass vases to really set the perfect mood. Put on some relaxing music (Enya anybody?) and you'll be good to go.

Remember - you will also want to give your guests a way to remember the baby shower as well. You went above and beyond to create a day full of relaxation, so your parting gift should do just the same. Personalized baby shower candles will offer the opportunity to set a similarly relaxing mood at home. For an exceptionally functional and useful pick, personalized hand sanitizer is the way to go. 



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