How to throw a baby shower that's fun for everyone
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

How to throw a baby shower that's fun for everyone

When you think of a baby shower, you may imagine a group of women gathered around the expecting mother, marveling at a seemingly endless cascade of gifts. While this is certainly a common occurrence, there's no reason the fellows can't enjoy themselves just as much! If the mom- and dad-to-be would both like to attend the baby shower, ensuring that the occasion is enjoyable for everyone is just a few simple steps away. Here are a few tips to help put together a baby shower that men and women alike will adore.

The main concession you'll have to make is that the décor can't be too cutesy. That doesn't mean you can't throw a few little touches in here and there, but try not to go overboard! For something that'll please everyone, consider hanging round paper lanterns throughout your home. They'll give the space a nice, warm light and really help set the stage for the rest of the party. You can even place some glass sailboat tea light holders on tables and counter tops to give the place a dash of class.

As far as activities go, don't be afraid to involve everyone! A nice baby shower trivia game may be just what you're looking for - fill the card with questions about what mom and dad are thinking of naming the baby, or simply ask about their history as a couple. It's a great way for everyone to connect with the expecting parents! You can also simply reminisce about your favorite books and movies when you all were children.

As everyone leaves, make sure they walk out the door with a bag full of delightful goodies to commemorate the occasion. Custom baby shower cookies are a delicious way to treat everybody to something delicious as they make their way home. You can also hand out cute little baby shower bookmarks - they'll be sure to last for years, and your friends will fondly remember the party every time they open up their favorite novels.




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