If a 100-year-old man can skydive on his birthday...

If a 100-year-old man can skydive on his birthday...

You can too - or at least, you can't make the argument anymore that you're too old to throw caution to the winds
and have an absolute blast on your happiest of happys.

Former pilot Fred Mack dove from a plane for the second time marking his birthday, the Daily Mail reports. He previously skydived on his 95th birthday and promised his friends and family that he would do it again if he lived to see his 100th year.

"I was putting it off for five years but I lived anyway," Mack told CBS 3. According to the Daily Mail, the Guinness Book of World Records is currently investigating whether Mack will hold the title for oldest person to ever skydive.

Even if your idea of a celebration doesn't involve jumping out of a plane, you can still kick off another year with a devil-may-care attitude (and wildly fun activities). Offer guests mini cocktail shakers or themed playing cards with personalized labels to commemorate your helluva good time.


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