Is a DIY wedding beyond your realistic capabilities?
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: MEMORIAL2

Is a DIY wedding beyond your realistic capabilities?

Whether it's the do-it-yourself trend taking the world by storm or the fair-trade, eco-friendly green revolution that's on everyone's party planning checklist, the nature of soirees has adopted a decidedly more personalized, ethical and handmade approach - anything to steer clear of a tight manufactured look. But is asking brides to cover all these bases themselves a bit too much?

Laura Noethinger of the Charlotte Observer defines "DIY" in terms of the "'do it yourself' bride. They make all the decorations and favors by hand, and may not be entirely human," she writes.

We're sure this thought must have crossed the minds of more than a few of you as you delved into your wedding planning, so how's an average gal supposed to make heads or tails of the pile of craft material on her table?

For one, there's no dictate that claims you have to do it alone. Many women organize crafting parties to get their friends and family on board, which not only streamlines the process but turns it into a great opportunity for bonding.

Another point to keep in mind is that "doing it yourself" doesn't always have to mean "doing it from scratch." You can purchase ready-made favor boxes, ribbons, labels, jars, bags and what have you to give you a much-needed assist in crafting the perfect do-it-yourself wedding favors.


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