Is it a boy or girl? Either way, it's a baby shower!
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Is it a boy or girl? Either way, it's a baby shower!

A successful baby shower is all about planning and the theme. Of course, the latter will usually depend on whether you're having a boy or a girl.

For a girl, you don't always have to think pink. For instance, why not base the theme around a popular TV show or movie? A baby shower will likely go off without a hitch if you decorated the house as if it were Sleeping Beauty's castle. Place images of fairies from Disney movies all around the venue and use framed photo stills from the films as centerpieces. If the mom-to-be has yet to decide upon a nursery theme, this may very well inspire her.

If you simply can't resist ordaining the room in pink, instead of using regular, white napkins, use personalized pattern baby shower napkins – although, they may look so cute and pretty that your guests may want to take a few home with them. Also, you can add to the decor by allowing a beautiful baby shower favor cake kit to act as the focal point of the room. Fill up each favor box with baby shower caramel corn and personalized M&M tins and let each one of your guests pick from the pile.

For a boy, place pictures of sports figures around the room and set up a goal or basketball hoop somewhere. If this is a women's-only baby shower, pick a color or movie theme. You can go green, blue or red for colors, and consider Cars, The Lion King or Sesame Street for TV themes. You can give your guests It's a Boy Bubblegum Cigars to give to their husbands or (why not?) enjoy the treat themselves.

This is a time for you to enjoy your baby-to-be, so relish the moment and enjoy being showered in gifts.


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