It's gonna be a wine wedding
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

It's gonna be a wine wedding

Are you looking for a way to incorporate your favorite activities into your wedding day celebration? Although many couples choose to decorate their reception venues in a classically chic way, an event that is personalized by the bride-to-be often turns out to be much more exciting and fun for both the couple and their guests. If you and your future spouse are avid wine drinkers, customizing your wedding to include some vino inspired elements is easy!

If you decide to use deep red and white as your wedding day color scheme (in coordination with the theme of the night), just lay out rouge tablecloths and use bone colored china to set the tables at your event. Decorative items can spice up a simple table setting and brides should be on the lookout for trinkets that incorporate wine themes. Instead of using traditional lighting sources, set out empty wine bottles on each table and fill them with wax cork candles to create a romantic glow. You can use wine cork place card holders to show each guest to their appropriate seat during the reception.

If you don't like the look of empty bottles or corks, there are still several options available. Adorable damask vellum shades can be placed over the tops of wine glasses that contain small tea lights for a unique table centerpiece. Dress up each of the personalized wine glasses that you place on the table by using fancy wine step wraps that are etched with the your name and wedding date. You can even use age-appropriate items to dress up the kids table, like personalized stemless wine glasses to hold juice or water for little ones.

When it comes time to serve dinner, make sure you select a full menu that can be complemented by many different servings of wine! Use personalized wine wrappers to cover up each bottle placed on the table, and ask guests to guess the region, name or brand of vino being served during each course for a fun ice breaking game that is sure to please. Send guests home with fond memories of your special day and a diamond ring wine stopper for use throughout the year!



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