Just the two of us: Planning a special anniversary night with a loved one
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: SNOWING3

Just the two of us: Planning a special anniversary night with a loved one

As an anniversary date approaches, you'll want to lay out the perfect plan for a romantic, memorable and fun night with your significant other.

Hopefully, both you and your lover remember the date so it won't come as a surprise to anyone, but just to make sure, send out a cute and harmless message to your loved one saying something like, "I can't wait until our anniversary." Try not to be offended if your wife or husband forgets - sometimes in this busy world we may overlook our own birthday is coming up. What matters most is that your significant other cherishes the relationship and will honor the anniversary day.

Before you begin the preparations, figure out if you want to plan the night on your own or make arrangements with your honeybunch. For instance, you could ask your spouse if they prefer a particular restaurant or venue. Perhaps they'll want to go to a theater show after dinner. Or, you could plan out everything yourself and tell your significant other the night will be a surprise.

Try thinking outside of the box. Send out a personalized garden hearts save the date card to create some excitement for your special night. Yes, your partner lives with you, but mailing an invitation to them would be fun, engaging and surprising.

If your anniversary date will be hosted in your own home on a weekday, try to get a half day off from work to set up for the occasion. Prepare the food and drinks, lay out the table settings and line up a bunch of mini vanilla heart candle tins along a makeshift pathway leading to the table. When your spouse comes home, they will enter a house of romance and a memorable night will begin.

If you go out to a restaurant or show, there are still ways to personalize the night. While you can't take credit for the chef's meals, you can still "wow" your lover with a beautiful gift wrapped in a polka dot favor box that highlights your wedding colors.

Wherever you take them, the night is about your companionship and ever-lasting love. Your sweetheart will likely appreciate any effort you put into setting up the night, but ultimately they just want to be with you, so don't stress the planning out, just make sure you show up.

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