Keep your teen happy on her birthday with a girls' night out

Keep your teen happy on her birthday with a girls' night out

If you have a teenage daughter at home, you may be all too aware of the fact that she's not particularly interested in staying home most of the time - doubly so on her birthday! But just because your little girl is growing up and eager to get out into the world doesn't mean you can't involve yourself in the celebration. After all, your daughter's birthday is as important an occasion for you! Why not gather her and her friends together and take them out for a rousing night on the town? Here are some tips to ensure that a girls' night out goes off without a hitch.

You'll want everyone to arrive at your house before heading out, just to make things easier. Start the party off on the right foot by handing out mini purse-shaped manicure sets and personalized birthday lip butter. Take a moment to gussy yourselves up before heading out. You may want to make reservations at a fancy restaurant beforehand, just to ensure that you all have a table.

After the meal, the world is your oyster! Head to the movies or make your way to a bakery for dessert. If everyone is starting to feel tired, hand out some mini tea sets and head on home. Enjoy a nice cup of warm tea before turning in for the night. Naturally, a sleepover is a good idea. Those ladies are going to be tired after such a busy evening!


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