Last minute birthday gifts
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2
Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Last minute birthday gifts

Attending the birthday party of a close friend or family member is an extremely fun experience as it gives you an opportunity to celebrate a loved one and all of their accomplishments over the past year. Although it's easy to prepare for a planned event by purchasing a party gift in advance, it can be difficult to select an appropriate gift for individuals that you don't know very well or to find a trinket to give when invited to a last-minute party. Having a stock of gender- and age-neutral gifts on hand can go a long way in helping to prevent awkward situations in the future as it will ensure that you always have a gift to give whenever attending a birthday party. If you're looking to stock up on gifts that can be shared in an emergency, here are some items that you should look into.

Giving money as a gift can often seem outright tacky and is a surefire way to let the other person know that you forgot about them on their special day - and it can be hard to purchase gift cards to stores that will be loved by any recipient. But everyone loves going to the movies! If your town or city has a local movie theater, it is often possible to buy movie ticket passes that don't expire for one year or longer, and these are sure to be loved by adults, children, men and women.

In these eco-aware times, it seems as though every person is looking for ways to lessen their impact on the environment, and stocking up on earth happy items like personalized aluminum water bottles is a good idea for individuals who wish to give a well thought-out gift. Because these bottles are personalized it may seem as though it would be difficult to keep them on hand, but choosing a fun design and writing "Happy Birthday" instead of an actual name will make it seem as though the bottle was picked out specially for the birthday boy or girl.

Giving a high-quality bottle of wine to adults is always a great option for last minute birthday celebrations, and wine can be easily picked up on the day of the party and attached to a note or card. If you'd like to class up the gift a bit, why not store the beverage in a personalized wine bag that reads "Happy Birthday from _____" or include happy birthday personalized wine glasses or a decorative cork stopper?



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