Let creativity reign with a cupcake decorating birthday party

Let creativity reign with a cupcake decorating birthday party

The thought of a group of young kids cooking all at once may seem nightmarish to some, but for others looking for a unique birthday party idea, the concept may not be so bad. Of course, you don't have to offer them a full-blown class on the ins and outs of tiramisu, but letting them go to town on some design-your-own cupcakes never hurt anyone. Just don't forget the baby dot cupcake wrappers and cupcake stands!

If you're going to let a group of youngsters loose on your kitchen, you'll certainly want to take steps to make sure the mess isn't as bad as it could be. Plenty of disposable goods (knives, plates, cups etc.) will make cleaning up much easier.

Additionally, you may want to get the hard parts out of the way (mixing the batter, baking the treats) so that they can decorate to their hearts' content. Chocolate frosting and buttered popcorn may not be your ideal cupcake topping, but who are you to judge?

Along with their concoctions, your guests will certainly need something else to take home with them later on. Some birthday party favors such as personalized birthday Hershey's Kisses and personalized goodie bags are perfect choices. 


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