Mark Twain turns 175
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Mark Twain turns 175

Samuel Clementine - better known as Mark Twain - may not be around for any of us to buy him drinks this year, but the public is still set to celebrate his 175th birthday.

For the anniversary of Twain's birth (and the centenary of his death), pianist John Davis released a CD that features the writer's favorite music as well as readings by Twain and his contemporaries, reports the New York Times.

Halley's Comet: Around the Piano With Mark Twain and John Davis pays tribute to the writer's complex tastes. Even though Twain and his daughter both played the piano, the news source writes that the "populist curmudgeon...disparaged the piano as an instrument of the wealthy class and said he preferred the banjo."

Want to throw your own Twain-fest, but don't want him turning in his grave over your excessively lavish decor?

You can decorate the room with round paper lanterns, which typically cost only a couple dollars each but still lend an elegant, romantic glow to the room. The bard would be sure to appreciate wine cork place card holders, or any other tidbits of Americana you've got lying around the cottage.


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