Mazel Tov! Throwing a marvelous Bar Mitzvah!
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Mazel Tov! Throwing a marvelous Bar Mitzvah!

In the life of a young Jewish boy, one birthday stands out among all of the others - his Bar Mitzvah! This coming of age celebration occurs at the 13 year of a young man's life, and marks his passage into the world of adulthood. Many parents choose to celebrate this special day by throwing a lavish party filled with food, fun and friends! If you're looking for a way to spice up your son's Bar Mitzvah celebration, here are some tips that can help.

Invitations. Instead of sending out typical paper invitations, use other methods to set your son's party apart from all of the rest. Eco-friendly seed favor cards can be sent out to guests and then planted in the ground to grow beautiful wild flowers! These popular cards are sure to be a hit with the older guests attending your son's bash. If you're looking for another way to let guests know about what's going on, modern e-cards might be the best choice. Several websites allow you to custom create guest lists and send out invitations, updates and other details as they are known.

Decorations. A Bar Mitzvah is an event that is unlike other birthday parties, and it should be treated as such! Many of these parties have themes that help to guide the decorations used, but there are several items that can be incorporated into any event. The traditional colors of a Bar Mitzvah event are royal blue and silver, and many trimmings are available in this color scheme.

Hosting a large dessert table is an easy and fun way to glam up any room while getting guests excited about the treats to come. Popular items include personalized chocolate bars with the birthday boy's name written on the outside, customized Bar Mitzvah cookies and personalized jelly belly bags of jelly beans! You might also consider serving up personalized bottles of water to give guests a chance to wash down all of their sweet surprises.

Favors. Thank your son's guests for attending his special day by offering up treats at the end of the night. Popular favors include clothing items, beach balls, small toys or candy treats. Send your guests home with personalized Bar Mitzvah cupcakes for a treat that they're sure to love at home!



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