Michael Buble will get married in two different countries
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: TRICK1

Michael Buble will get married in two different countries

Michael Buble is apt to be feeling good these days now that he's set the wedding date for his marriage to Argentinian actress Luisana Lopilato.

Buble, who announced the engagement in January, told the Today Show he'd been thinking about an April 29 wedding, "but figured [he] wouldn't get any press" with all the royal commotion across the pond. Buble and Lopilato are instead set to get hitched on April 6, though we're not sure how they're going to maneuver that one since the couple is planning to wed both in Argentina and Vancouver.

And after the double ceremony? It's off to Africa for a honeymoon filled with charity work, reports CTV News.

We're sure they'll have an interesting time balancing icy and tropical climates for both wedding themes, but instead of focusing on what'll make these occasions different, perhaps there are ways to run a common thread from North to South America.

The couple could re-use the same glass vases but fill them with tulips or red exotic ceibo, depending on the location. Mini wooden bird houses would make excellent wedding favors, especially when you consider that each house may be hosting vastly different species of the winged creatures.


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