Miranda Lambert's do-it-yourself wedding catering
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Miranda Lambert's do-it-yourself wedding catering

The do-it-yourself trend has been bucking up quite a bit on the wedding scene, but one country star took it to a whole new level. Brave lady Miranda Lambert decided to take some of her catering into her own hands - by hunting down and packaging the main entree, you see.

Lambert has been keeping her Twitter followers posted on her wedding planning process, and this week, she tweeted about some of her last-minute preparations as she gears up for her big day this weekend. Among the topics of this week's discussion were manicures, convenience store runs and the preparation of a package of deer meat that the couple plans on serving at their wedding.

According to People.com, Lambert and her fiance Blake Shelton have long shared a love for hunting and have been planning on serving their own game at their wedding. Hunting "is the one thing we nailed down," Lambert told the news source. "And we're going to harvest it ourselves - that's what we really wanted to do."

Not all couples are apt to have food quite this fresh at their weddings, but hobbyists of all kinds have taken to serving their own home-made beers, jams and other delicious commodities as a symbol of their shared love and passion. Whatever you do, be sure you've got the proper serving utensils - a set of personalized wedding wine glasses or a stainless steel spreader will help you share the love with style.


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