Mixing, matching is de rigeur when it comes to wedding decor
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

Mixing, matching is de rigeur when it comes to wedding decor

Carefree is the nature of the times, so embracing free spiritedness and a more haphazard approach to decorating isn't too far out of the question. What does this mean for your wedding ceremony? Perhaps taking it down a notch with the matchy-matchy qualities is one place to start.

Instead of having all of your banquet tables look the same, try mixing and matching table shapes and sizes as well as choosing two or three colors to alternate for tablecloths.

When it comes to choosing your table centerpieces, you should aim to achieve a consistent color scheme without having all the pieces be carbon copies of each other. You can achieve this effect by having similar items in different sizes or a variety of objects of the same shape and color.

Stuck on ideas? Try purchasing contemporary square glass vases in small, medium and large sizes and arranging them haphazardly around the event space. Choose two or three types of flowers (preferably with some sort of common thread to coordinate them all) and mix and match the bouquets. You could also achieve a most charming effect by grouping silver or gold items together - mint julep cups and silver wedding bells would look delightful side by side.


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