No wedding date or baby bump yet for Simpson
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: TRICK1

No wedding date or baby bump yet for Simpson

Rest assured there's no set date or pregnancy yet, but recently-engaged Jessica Simpson acknowledged that she's keen on having a baby soon.

"We've really just been happy being engaged, so I don't even know what kind of wedding I'll have," Simpson told Access Hollywood.

Simpson also said she's excited about the prospect of starting a family with fiancee Eric Johnson. According to E! News, an inside source said Simpson is giddy with the thought of having a baby, and may opt to have one sooner than later.

Will a baby shower be close on the heels of a bridal shower? It's not exactly uncommon for a bride to be pregnant, so what would combining the two be like?

Bingo and trivia games are classic diversions at both bridal and baby showers, and guests would have an extra mental exercise in store for them if they had to bank on knowledge in both departments. Rose petals would do well next to mini baby booties, and customized cookies will taste just as good, whether they're in the shape of cakes or carriages.


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