Obligatory baby shower gift opening? You've got options

Obligatory baby shower gift opening? You've got options

No matter what kind of fun bingo or trivia games you've got planned for an upcoming baby shower, everyone knows that the festivities are all focused on one thing - watching the guest of honor unwrap each of her gifts, one by one.

What if you know, though, that the mom-to-be is going to wince beneath all of that attention? Or that deep down, none of the party attendees really have the patience to sit and watch someone react to each present?

Good news - there are ways around this age-old dilemma that won't involve any hurt feelings or tacky maneuvers. For instance, why not have each guest pick up a present and open it themselves? That way, everyone's participating, and it won't take nearly as much time.

Selecting thoughtful baby shower favors is another way to make sure no one feels left out. Personalized baby honey jars couples with custom designer cookies and soap favors are bound to be adored by all - including the mom-to-be.


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