On throwing an all-nighter

On throwing an all-nighter

No longer does the word "all-nighter" have to recall dreary images of late-night cram sessions. For some of you, your school days are long gone, and you're now facing another milestone - except this one's wrapped in tulle and lace. Weddings are beautiful occasions no matter if they take place in the summer, winter, morning or at night, but if you hail from a crowd that likes to push it til the wee hours, why not throw an all-night wedding?

You'll have to account for the fact that some of your guests will want to retire early, so aim for a start time that's feasible for all. Depending on your venue, you may have to grapple with a higher rental cost (or finding a D.J. that's willing to work the late shift) - either way, do make sure it's got some big, open windows for that moment when the sun finally does come up.

Lastly, why not run with the nighttime theme and turn your reception space into a nocturnal wonderland? White round paper lanterns hung in clusters from the ceiling will create a canopy of multiple moons - add to that a few colored floating candles, and you'll have an evening soiree that's bound to outlast the night.


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