One way to make your wedding flowers your own
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

One way to make your wedding flowers your own

Between appointments with professional florists and a plethora of other details to attend to, wedding flowers can often get lost in the shuffle without receiving the proper consideration they deserve.

Lest you fear your blooms be left up to the whims of someone who hardly knows your tastes, consider adding a few personal touches to make your floral decorations truly one of a kind.

"Incorporate something special into your wedding flowers. Wrap your bouquet with a loved one's handkerchief or include snippets from your mom's wedding dress," New Jersey florist Dawn Clark told Albany's WTEN News. "We had a couple that met on a train, so we tied a small train charm onto her bouquet to symbolize where they met and fell in love."

Digging through old chests and closets is an excellent way to find meaningful trinkets, but you can also take your personalization to the next level using custom decorations and accents. Tying bouquets with personalized favor ribbon will add an extra touch of personality to any floral arrangement.


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