Organized before the aisle
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Organized before the aisle

If there was ever an occasion for perfection to be pertinent, it would be your wedding. Maybe you've been dreaming about dresses, bridesmaids and vows since you were young, or perhaps "the one" just came along unexpectedly and this whole "death do you part" dance is one of life's pleasant surprises. Either way, it's likely you want your big day to go according to plan - no last minute changes, debacles or boondoggles. The key to such flawless execution is organization, both before and during your wedding. Here are a few tips to keeping the marital vessel afloat and on course.

Stay on top of the itinerary. Always make lists of who, what, when and where, for every event - from the rehearsal to reception. This itinerary should be carefully produced and double-checked so nothing or nobody misses an appointment. Keep your lists in a binder and separate or labele all information. If you want, go fully digital and break out your Ipad! has a free online service that allows you to plan your budget, work out your seating arrangements and keep track of your guest list and vendors. While you're at it, download the Wedding 911 app by The Knot. The smartphone feature allows you to have a wedding-planning guru at your fingertips and as well as pose tough questions to other brides-to-be.

Label everything. Mark your territory by slapping labels on everything. Some people might not know what goes where, so personalized labels and wedding stickers will be effective. If you've already ordered your labels, feel free to stick one on the front of your wedding planner as well.

Designate a second in command. There's likely someone in your bridal party who loves to get involved and take charge. You know what we're talking about - someone with a type A personality. This is the person you want double-checking everything, because they will take their designated job seriously and make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Make them feel official with some sort of badge or a personalized carbon fiber pen. Let the responsibility of the lists, labels, dos and donts lie with them while you concentrate on the most important thing - yourself.


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