Party friendly gift bag ideas
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

Party friendly gift bag ideas

Although hosting a kid-friendly birthday bash is easy, finding favors that coordinate with your parties theme can be difficult. Here are gift bag ideas that will work well for any type of children's party.

There is nothing better than sending kids home with a bag of delicious treats to enjoy once the birthday cake sugar buzz has worn off and creating super sweet gift bags is easy and inexpensive. For a pre-made party favor, personalized birthday cupcake mixes can be handed out for parents to make with their children at a later date. Mixes come in a cupcake-shaped box with a mini whisk and enough ingredients to cook up 24 individual cakes. If you plan on having a candy bar at the party, placing mini candy dispensers with individual scoops is a good way to let kids choose their favorites for a post party treat. Filling containers like personalized party goodie bags with various types of inexpensive candies and small novelty items is another popular way to go.

If handing out edible treats isn't your style, there are several other gift bag options that are always in style for any type of party. Decorating your own flower mirror kits work well for younger kids, giving them an opportunity to get crafty once the party has ended. Kits contain mirrors, tubes of glitter, stickers and sparkly gems. For computer owners, making personalized mix cds for each child is easy and fun - just ask the birthday boy or girl to help you select music that is popular with and appropriate for children at the party. Other popular party favors include bookmarks, small plastic novelty toys, bubbles, sidewalk chalk or homemade playdough made from a simple reciple of flour, water and oil.

Organizing the individual gift bags is a fun job for the birthday boy or girl and can help to teach younger kids about sharing and appreciating others. Make sure you package the party favors in a way that ties into the theme of your event by decorating small bags, jars or other types of containers with your child using stickers, markers or paints. Filling a personalized custom favor cake with your party favors is an easy way to ensure that every kid gets a 'slice' of the fun.  



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