Pick the right game for your bridal shower
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOM2

Pick the right game for your bridal shower

Games are an important part of every bridal shower. Not only do they provide a fun and exciting source of entertainment, but there's no better way to celebrate the guest of honor. But sometimes, the tried-and-true activities can be bit a stale. So arrange some glass leaf tea light holders and pastel favor vases to set the mood, and try out some creative new games.

If you're looking for a fun way to look back through the life and times of the bride-to-be, one game in particular comes to mind. To start, gather pictures of her from when she was very young all the way up to now. Then, ask your guests to guess what year the photo was taken. Not only will it be fun, but it will provide a nice trip down memory lane.

However, you'd like to spice things up a little bit, maybe you can do an old-fashioned roast of the bride-to-be. All jokes are lighthearted of course, but nobody a little ribbing never hurt anybody.

Whatever games you choose to play, you can't forget the bridal shower favors. Say farewell to your guests with a memento such as personalized votive candle holders or gourmet cupcake mixes



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