Plan a prehistoric birthday bash
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2
Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: HEAT2

Plan a prehistoric birthday bash

Looking for an age appropriate theme to help guide the decorating scheme of your son's next birthday party? If your little one is like most , there's one thing that he'll surely love - dinosaurs! Throwing a prehistoric party is an easy and fun way to celebrate the birth of your baby boy, and the non-controversial focus makes it easy for parents to invite classmates and neighbors without fear. So go ahead and step back in time with a party that's so fun, it will never be extinct!

Decorating for a dinosaur-themed party can be extremely fun, especially if you're able to throw the bash outside during the last few weeks of the summer season. Transform your backyard into a real life jungle using fake vines and plastic trees to create a dense forest area that the kids can go to while pretending to be their favorite dino. Oval paper lanterns can be used to light the way in this dark and dreary space, and buri fans can add a decorative touch to trees, making them look like they have been given a prehistoric touch.

Purchase a variety of Easter eggs in stores and use crafting paint to color them in various shades of brown to make them look like dinosaur eggs. These can be hidden around the "forest" for a fun game that will keep kids running around. Hand out personalized birthday party bags to each guest so they have a place to store each treasure they find. If you are planning on hosting a longer party during the day, there are several dino-themed movies that can be played inside the house to keep younger children entertained. Just make sure to watch the video before playing, so you don't accidentally show a picture that is too scary for your child or his friends.

At a dinosaur party, kids have no excuse to skip out on the favorite food of the Brachiosaurus and his vegetarian friends - salad! Make sure to serve up plenty of leafy greens alongside kid-friendly favorites like mac and cheese or PB&J. You can purchase a cake pan mold in stores to create a dinosaur-shaped cake for dessert, or whip up a batch of cupcakes in dinosaur wrappers for a treat that they'll love to eat!


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