Plan the perfect surprise party
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Save 25%, No Minimum - With Code: BLOOMING2

Plan the perfect surprise party

Regardless of what anybody tells you, everyone loves surprise parties. Is there anything better than getting ambushed by some of your best pals and having them show how much they care about you? If one of your good friends has a birthday coming up, a stealthy shindig might be in order. However, don't take your duties lightly, as planning a surprise party is an significant undertaking. In order to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, try to have the following components just right.

1. Decorations. This can be a tricky one. After all, you don't want to tip your hand before your guests have had a chance to jump out and scare the pants off the birthday boy or girl. Still, you can't ignore them all together, either. You just have to make sure that what decorations you do hang up are not going to be especially over-the-top. Some understated pieces,such as criss cross ribbed lanterns or contemporary square glass vases, will do a good job at setting the scene without giving the surprise away.

2. The scheme. Of course, you have to get the guest of honor out of the house ahead of time in order to have ample opportunity to set the stage. There are a number of ways to do so, including having his significant other take him out or slyly telling him you would like their company for an afternoon while running errands.

3. Invitations. Much like decorations, you have to walk a thin line with this one. By sending out birthday party invitations, you may be running a risk of your special someone stumbling across the plans. Having said that, it's important to get the information out there. If you're at a loss for what to select, you can never go wrong by putting a good photo of the guest of honor on the front.

4. Don't forget the supplies. Just because it's a surprise to them doesn't mean you should be unprepared for the experience as well. Make sure you have plenty of supplies, from personalized birthday napkins to patterned cupcake wrappers, to cover all your bases when it comes to party prep.

5. Favors aplenty. As with any shindig, you should say thanks to your guests for coming with a gracious parting gift. Make sure it's something that will remind them of the party. Personalized playing cards and personalized square favor tins are both excellent choices. 


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