Planning a golden-year birthday gala to remember
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: PATRIOTIC2

Planning a golden-year birthday gala to remember

After the teenage years are over, many adults stop throwing big birthday parties and opt for intimate dinners instead. However, this all changes once people reach 50, 60, 70 and 80, when their loved ones may want to throw a large celebration in their honor. If you're planning a birthday gala for your mother or grandmother, consider using unique decorations and birthday party favors that capture her one-of-a kind personality.

If you want the event to be a surprise, ask her closest friends who you think she would want to attend. Remember to ask guests to keep the details a secret when you send out the invitations. Even though you can't let the special lady know that a grand evening is in the works, you do want to make sure she doesn't make other plans for her big day. If she thinks no one is planning a party, she may book a vacation or organize a gathering of her own. Establish a decoy affair, like a small dinner with family, to keep her evening free.

To direct guests to their seats, use a glass photo coaster displaying a picture of the guest of honor at different stages of her life. Her friends and family will love to compare coasters to see what she looked like as a baby, college student and new mom. If she's comfortable and proud of her age, highlight her distinguished status by placing a Swarovski crystal number cake topper on top of the treasured dessert for the evening. These stylish numbers have crystal jewels that will add class and sparkle.

If your mother or grandmother has always been a fashionista, you can celebrate some of her favorite things by purchasing chic shoe bottle openers. Such a sophisticated woman likely has an appreciation for fine materials, and will be delighted to see her friends receive party favors in sheer organza bags. Fill the room with her favorite colors, including floral arrangements placed in engraved glass vase centerpieces. If she's known for having a playful and light-hearted personality, incorporate a fun vibe into the formal affair by placing mini champagne bubble favors at each table.

Every year of life is a gift, and it's important to celebrate our loved ones. So make sure to appreciate those closest to you in style with an elegant evening to remember.  



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