Planning a party at work
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Planning a party at work

Whether a business has five employees or five hundred, recognizing and celebrating individual birthdays helps to foster a sense of solidarity and boost employee morale. If you're looking to incorporate birthday celebrations into your work environment, here are some tips to help facilitate an appropriately festive atmosphere.

A small office (50 employees or less) can go further in personalizing birthday celebrations than a large office can - after all, separately recognizing the birthdays of 500 different employees would force an office to host a shindig nearly every day of the week! So. we'll first discuss party planning for a smaller office and then for a larger one.

Celebrating the birthday of only one or two employees at a time in a small office goes a long way in showing appreciation for management and fellow staff members - so party planning for these types of individual celebrations can be simple in nature. Of course, designating one team member to the role of birthday planner can help to ensure that each staff member is celebrated properly.

The "Party Planner" should keep a cabinet full of inexpensive party supplies that can be reused or easily replaced, like company logo personalized clear plastic cups, so each party is similar and no staff member feels under or over celebrated. Wrapping a collectively purchased co-worker gift in company logo personalized gift wrapping paper ties the company and each employee together in celebration.

Decorating the desk, office or cubicle of an employee is another fun way to honor a birthday and can be done by the designated party planner or by fellow coworkers by arriving just a few minutes early on the morning of the special day. We recommend using large and festive decor items like oval paper lanterns, mini lucky bamboo plants and flower pot pen holders.

For a large company, birthdays should be celebrated with one party a month. Of course, because this type of celebration takes away from commemorating each individual separately, grouped birthday parties should be well thought out and cater to any and every demographic (ie; male, female, new hire).

Decorations should also reflect the spirit of the month rather than individual employees with items like company logo personalized birthday napkins tying a birthday theme in. Topping a cake with the number of employees being celebrated using swarovski accent number cake toppers is a fun idea and each celebrated worker should be given a small company gift or birthday favor like company logo engraved glass vases or personalized birthday cake cookies.  
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