Planning one shower for a perfect pair
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Save 20%, No Minimum - With Code: WEEKEND2

Planning one shower for a perfect pair

Hosting a baby shower for twins doesn't have to double the party host's workload if the right planning is put in place. Here are some tips to help make a baby shower for two twice as nice.

Invitations. Even if everyone already knows that the mom-to-be is expecting twins, you'll want to mention on the invitation that the shower is for multiples. You should also inform guests of the sex of the babies (if known) so that a mom whose having one of each doesn't end up with baby clothes and toys for only girls or boys. Sending a fortune cookie with a personalized fortune inside reading "I predict we'll have twice the fun" is a good way to get guests excited for the celebration.

Decorations. You'll need to double up on decorations for a twin baby shower. If you're using balloons, tie two together or hang two complementary colors of streamers on the walls. Also, be sure to make use of personalized baby shower stemless wine glasses reading "let's toast to the twins!".

Food. Serving a variety of twin-themed finger food is easy and inexpensive. Make a plate of two cheeses and crackers, serve two kinds of fruit salads and offer two types of mini sandwiches. For dessert, set a table spread that displays personalized chocolate bars reading "two peas in a pod", mini cheesecakes that say "a perfect pair" and two tier "twin" mini cakes.

Games. There are several twin-themed games that can make your party a hit. Hand out pieces of paper and pens and have guests write out every celebrity twin (real or fictional) they can think of in a five-minute time period. Also, a rhyming twin name game with the mom-to-be selecting her favorite combination of lyrical names is bound to be a hit.

Because it is a twin-themed baby shower, banning everyone from actually saying the word "twin" is a fun game that can be played throughout the party. Hand out baby pacifier necklaces to guests who accidentally say the word, giving silver charm necklaces to winners at the end of the event.

Favors. Any "paired" items can be used as shower favors - baby chick salt and pepper favors, a pair of earrings or two baby-themed cookies are all great options that are likely to be adored by guests. 

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