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Plant the seeds of a wonderful marriage with a garden-themed shower

That which is planted with care in the spring will make for a hardy, reliable outcome during harvest. If you're planning a bridal shower for a friend who has a few months to go before her big day, consider taking this sentiment to heart by coordinating a spring-themed garden shower.

Not only do you have the fun option of hosting the event outdoors - preferably among tall, vibrant blooms - but you can coordinate decorations and bridal shower favors according to the favorite flowers of all of the guests.

If you know there's a lily-lover as much as there is a rose fanatic among your circle of friends, give them personalized seed packet favors for an extra added touch. By the time the buds start to sprout, the wedding day may well be upon you, and you'll have these wonderful keepsakes to guide you through the process.

Mini garden shovels, miniature flower pots and personalized silk flower petals will all fit neatly into miniature favor pails for the perfect bridal shower favor goodie bag.
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