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Pregnant Jessica Alba coordinating cousin's baby shower

Just because Jessica Alba's expecting doesn't mean she's not willing to put in some effort to make someone else's pregnancy memorable - the actress has been asking Twitter followers for some creative tips to help plan her cousin's baby shower, the Daily Mail reports.

"Working on solpoweryoga's bebe shower with Lauren Andersen. Got any good ideas for a lovely young yogi Mommy?" Alba tweeted as she posted photos on Facebook of herself crafting butterfly bunting. "We want a spiritual and ethereal vibe but still fun and interactive."

Would you have had any advice to give Miss Alba? We sure would have. An eco-friendly themed baby shower would have been an easy choice for someone into natural therapies and environmentally conscious values.

Offering guests earth-friendly baby shower favors will help keep this spirit alive. Eco-friendly natural bamboo coaster favors and eco-friendly tote bag favors are stylish and ideal for using and re-using. Plantable seed packet favors would also be a nice touch, as guests will delight in watching their blooms flourish.
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