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Prince William's bachelor party is shrouded in winks and laughter

There's a party underway for Britain's top (but not eligible) bachelor, but it seems like the event organizers are keeping the details hidden.

Guy Pelly, famed nightclub owner and wingman of the royal princes, has been charged with organizing the royal shindig. When The New York Times begged him for details, he replied, "I am afraid I cannot comment" and left reporters hanging with just a sly grin and an explosion of laughter.

He may have refused to give any details, but the rumor mill hasn't exactly been quelled, either.

We can hardly imagine what the bachelor party of the century would involve, but even a prince can make do with some well-thought-out bachelor party favors.

Themed playing cards with personalized labels would make a trademark statement not just for Will, but for his club-hopping pal as well. Followed with personalized poker chips and round monogrammed flasks, these relics may be the only items that need survive to tell the actual story of what transpired that night.
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