Proper etiquette for a double event
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Proper etiquette for a double event

Not that this is something that most of us can expect to encounter at some point in our lives, but it would be helpful to know how to act should we ever be invited to a double wedding or double bridal shower.

This is a conundrum that one woman encountered when two of her friends planned joint showers and weddings. Confused, she asked Dear Abby whether she should split a single gift between the two girls or expect to dole out double the cash.

"Please remember that wedding and shower gifts are just that - gifts. You are not compelled to spend more than you can afford, but there should be a separate one for each event that you attend," Abby responded, according to the Chicago Sun Times.

Another way around this issue is to skip the cash envelope and find a gift that remains appropriate for the occasion. Giving each woman a custom hand-painted wine glass would be an inventive gesture, and you can paint them so that they complete a theme when put together, such as a landscape that stretches across both of the glasses.


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