Provide 3 times the fun for an expectant mother of triplets
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Save 30%, No Minimum - With Code: JULY2

Provide 3 times the fun for an expectant mother of triplets

If your friend is waiting to deliver the triplets she is currently carrying, it's your prized duty to throw a baby shower that's entertaining to the power of three! Feel free to play up the number of babies on the way by creating a decorating scheme that features three colors. Pick hues in pastel shades to suit the occasion. Don't stop the triple effect at the ornamentation - send an envelope with three invitations to the same event, with a separate card announcing the impending arrival of each child. This will be particularly endearing if the mother-to-be has already picked the names, which you should include on the shower announcement.

Your friend will soon have a new set of expenses, as she will have to purchase everything needed to take care of a newborn three times. You may want to encourage guests to give a generous gift if they are so inclined to provide the lady of the day with all the support she needs as she expands her family. Suggest that they provide gift cards to retailers that specialize in baby products so the mom and dad can pick out the type of stroller or the brand of diapers that they prefer.

Invite guests to write out their wishes for each of the kids on notes attached to different colored ribbons. Set up three separate DIY wishing tree kits at the entrance to the event hall so that each baby can receive a unique set of blessings. As they grow up, the mom can share these sweet mementos with them, providing a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. Once the ladies reach their assigned seats, they will find three cute as a button glass tea light holders adorning the table representing each of the soon-to-arrive honored guests.

To thank everyone for attending, provide baby shower party favors. Pick a theme that will unite three unique tokens of appreciation. For example, if crystal is the connecting factor, you could include a crystal choo choo train, crystal baby stroller and crystal baby pacifier in the gift bag.

Above all, incorporate activities, treats and music that you know will delight the expectant mom so she will feel the support of her friends and family, which can transform her pregnancy into a beautiful event that will bring the community together.  


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