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Put the spotlight on lighting at your wedding reception

With a billion-and-a-half details to attend to, wedding planning is often fraught with odds and ends that may easily evade the attention of the overstressed mind.

An often-overlooked but crucial component to wedding success is the creation of a soft, romantic glow over the banquet hall or reception room. Lighting not only affects the moods and temperaments of you and your guests, but it can also make or break the quality of your photographs.

Avoid any harsh, fluorescent lighting and opt for pale or yellow light as well as lamps with soft, paper shades. Round paper lanterns will create an easy glow and are very aesthetically pleasing, as they have a round, moon-like appearance and can be hung in clusters to create a romantic setting for the tables and the dance floor.

Gather plenty of white candles for easy natural light and arrange them as table centerpieces or along the walls on sconces. Make sure to save a few mini vanilla heart candle tins or personalized candle wedding favors to offer to guests on their way out.
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