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Rachel Zoe enjoys star-studded baby shower

Here's one baby shower that we're sure was packed with plenty of fierce-looking onesies and socks.

Celebrity designer Rachel Zoe was thrown a lavish little shindig by her famous friends in Los Angeles on Saturday, but it seems as though she can wait until the expected arrival of her little boy in March to take a peek at all the gifts she's been receiving.

"I'm Jewish," Zoe told WWD.com. "So I'm a little superstitious. I've been sent a lot of gifts and things and my team just hides them."

Even if you choose to be surprised by your baby shower gifts, your friends can give guests some guidelines to make sure that everything they bring is strictly on-trend.

Whether or not you're the star of your own Bravo show, drop subtle hints by having friends send out stylish baby shower invitations or designating a Fashion Week theme for your event. That way, guests will get the message that custom designer baby shower cookies are the way to go this season.
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